Saved from recession by hotel projects, Santa Rosa’s Farrow Construction

John Farrow has made a career out of building and reconfiguring his real estate development and construction business to fill customer needs others wouldn’t or couldn’t. And after pursuing one such opportunity – a scoffed-at trash bin project – to a nationwide operation, Farrow has redirected the business back to the North Bay for the wildfire rebuild.

And in fastening on a concrete business and acquiring local housing projects to help with reconstruction of the thousands of homes lost in the October 2017 fires, Farrow’s construction industry ventures are experiencing revenue growth of 150% in the past two years, set to be growth of five times by next year.

“When the fires hit, it was kind of a wake-up call for us,” Farrow said. “We had done developments in residential and single-family homes before in our past lives and iterations of Farrow.”

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